Tony Wolf Photo.jpg

Dr. Tony K. Wolf

Virginia Tech, Professor of Viticulture

Grapevine nutrition (N-P-K): Beyond the basics

Discussion will integrate recent research results of nitrogen nutrition of intensively cover-cropped vineyards in the mid-Atlantic region and revised recommendations used with potassium fertilization. Comments on unusual situations with other nutrients, including phosphorus and micro-nutrients will also be made.

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Andy Walker Photo Field.jpg

Dr. Andrew Walker

UC Davis, Professor of Viticulture and Enology

Vinifera quality PD resistant wine grapes are nearing release



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Simone Bergese Photo.JPG

Simone Bergese

Chateau Elan Winery, Winemaker

Muscadine vs. Vinifera: The Winemaking Approach

A descriptive journey into the winemaking techniques that best apply to the muscadine varieties. Starting from the crushing pad to the bottling line, a sequence of steps leading to the production of a premium quality muscadine wine.


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Cain Hickey Photo.jpg

Dr. Cain Hickey

UGA, Viticulture Extension Specialist

Growing Your Blend

Blending is a winemaking tool.  However, blending components (i.e. grapes) are grown in the vineyard.  This talk focuses on cultivar selection and vineyard management strategies, two considerations that change the quality and quantity of grapes used for blending.


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Rachael White Photo.jpg

Rachael White

UGA, MS Graduate Research Assistant

Retro-fitting Vertically Shoot-Positioned Petit Manseng to Improve Vineyard Crop Yield

Vertical-shoot positioning (VSP) is the most popular way to train wine grapes.  However, it can limit crop production and leaf area compared to other systems. We retro-fitted a tight VSP trellis to accommodate three different pruning treatments as well as a sprawl canopy.  Spur, cane, and double cane pruning were each tested within a tight and sprawl VSP system. Overall, the double cane pruning increased crop yield by 40% in comparison to a tight VSP with cordon pruning. There was no difference in the soluble solids (Brix) or pH in the analysis on the harvested fruit.

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Jason Burrus 187 sm.jpg

Jason Burrus

Burrus Wine Consulting

Hybrid Varietal Winemaking: Cellar Production Methods

We'll explore popular hybrids such as Norton, Chambourcin, Seyval Blanc, Vidal Blanc, Traminette, Chardonel, and its production methods in the cellar.



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Annette Boyd Photo.jpg

Annette Boyd

Director of Virginia Wine Board Marketing Office

Virginia Wines: Moving Forward With Marketing

The Virginia Wine Region has slowly garnered regional and national awareness though a coordinated marketing effort. Annette will talk about how the industry is structured and funded as well as some of the more successful programs that have yielded results for Virginia.

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