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Dr. Tony K. Wolf

Tony Wolf’s viticulture education includes a MSc from the Pennsylvania State University and a PhD from Cornell University. He is a professor of viticulture at Virginia Tech where he has been employed since 1986. Dr. Wolf has conducted research to expand the grape varietal landscape in Virginia, to better understand the adaptation of grapes to Virginia’s colorful biotic and abiotic challenges and, through collaboration with enologists, to improve grape and wine quality potential. Graduate student training has been an integral part of his research program. Dr. Wolf’s extension program comprises workshops, development of web-based decision support tools, and publication of technical print and online media. Dr. Wolf has served as an Associate Editor of the American Journal of Enology and Viticulture, and has served as a director, secretary, and chairman of the American Society for Enology and Viticulture’s Eastern Section. He has authored over 50 scientific papers and was senior author of the Mid-Atlantic Winegrape Growers Guide (1995), and was a principal author and editor of the Wine Grape Production Guide for Eastern North America (2008). His awards include Virginia Tech’s Alumni Award for Extension Excellence (2009), Virginia Tech’s College of Agriculture and Life Science’s “Andy Swiger Land Grant Award” (2011), and the ASEV/Eastern Section’s “Outstanding Achievement Award” (2017). In addition to his viticulture research and extension roles, Dr. Wolf teaches an online viticulture course and serves as Director of Virginia Tech’s AHS Jr. Agricultural Research and Extension Center in Frederick County Virginia.