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Dr. Cain Hickey

Cain Hickey is an assistant professor and viticulture extension specialist in the Horticulture Department at the University of Georgia. He has been involved in viticulture research and extension since 2007, when he was employed at the Penn State Lake Erie Regional Grape Research and Extension Center.  After graduating with a BS in Horticulture Science from Penn State in 2009, Cain began his graduate studies in viticulture at Virginia Tech, earning his MSc in 2012 and PhD in 2016.  He was a post-doctoral research associate at the Cornell Lake Erie Regional Extension Laboratory from 2016-2017.  His research focuses on applied viticulture, and has been recently focused on pruning, trellising, and fruit-zone management as they relate to crop yield and quality.  He has presented at several academic and industry conferences and extension workshops.  Cain is working with members of the Georgia grape and wine industry to solve regional vineyard management issues through his extension and research appointment.